Village Lawn Service is excited to offer an environmentally friendly fertilizer developed by Verity Turf and Tree. This is the way to a greener, weed free lawn that is safe and good for the environment. Verity Turf & Tree is a people & pet friendly product. It nurtures your grass by enhancing the natural biology of your soil. Call us and we can customize a diet plan just for your lawn.

What experience does Verity Farms have in lawn care?

Verity’s personnel have more than 75 years of combined experience with biological plant production.

Why would this be important to your lawn and landscape care?

Experience can be our best teacher. The use of chemical lawn care that is the care of lawns with the heavy use of harsh fertilizer and chemical can greatly reduce the biological diversity that should be in your lawn.

What does the term biological plant production mean?

Biological lawn care involves selecting the right form(s) of plant food to promote the growth of the beneficial biology in the soil. There are many types of bacteria that should be present in healthy soil and a lawn. When the wrong source(s) of fertilizer as well as excessive rates of fertilizer are used this establishes the environment for disease and insects to inhabit the lawns. This puts you in a vicious cycle that causes a need for more chemicals to try and fix the problems that have been established. By applying a balance of plant nutrition in the right form(s) the biological activity in the lawn is improved and the lawn is healthier and requires less fertilizer and chemical.

What is the vicious cycle that is referred to?

The over use of harsh fertilizer(s) will cause the need for more water. In this environment the more you water your lawn the faster nutrients are washed out of the soil profile and into the ground water. The water will also carry pesticides and herbicides down through the soil and into the water supply. You can lose up to 80% of the nitrogen and other nutrients that are applied in a growing season.  As you lose the nutrients that are necessary for the plants to live and grow the lawn loses the ability to stay green. You establish a cycle that you cannot get out of if you are to maintain a green lawn.

Will putting on more Nitrogen help my lawn?

Most lawn fertilizers contain very high amounts of nitrogen. In lawns where too much nitrogen is used there will not be enough beneficial soil microbes to hold nutrients in place. Excessive nitrogen use will cause lush looking grass as long as you provide plenty of water. Water is becoming a precious resource and the supply seems to be dwindling as seen by more and more water rationing.  Continued use of high rates of nitrogen will cause the grass to grow faster and use more plant minerals. Too much nitrogen also establishes the environment for disease and insects to thrive. This causes the need for more chemical to try and maintain a nice looking lawn. So what kind of lawn do you want, one that increases the need for more fertilizer and chemicals? Would you like to have a lawn where the biology feels welcome and is allowed to do it’s job naturally?

Is there an alternative?

The Verity lawn program helps establish an environment for a more balanced biological system.

Why is balance biology important?

The life in the soil is the fertility in the soil.

How does that work?

Biology or bugs require protein, complex carbohydrates, simple carbohydrates and minerals just as people and plants do in order to live and grow.  In most cases there may already be enough basic nutrients in the soil to feed a balanced biological population.  The problem comes when we attempt to feed the plant with excess amounts and the wrong type(s) of fertilizer instead allowing the biology to supply the plant with the necessary nutrients.

How does the biology in the soil know what the plant needs?

Actually the plant feeds the biology and sets up a mutualism or a symbiotic relationship with the biology.

What is a symbiotic relationship?

In this case it refers to an exchange of nutrients between the plant and the microbes.

How does that happen?

The plant through the process of photosynthesis produces complex and simple carbohydrates.  A minimum of 30% of this sugar is sent down to the roots and out into the soil surface as a food source for the biology (the bugs) in the root zone.  The bugs need protein (nitrogen) and minerals as well, just as we do and thus they eat the minerals in the soil in the area of the root zone.  The bugs attach themselves to the roots of the plant so they can continue to receive the sugars from the plant and in return the plant pulls nutrients from the bugs that it needs to grow and stay healthy.

What happens when I put on my regular fertilizer and chemicals?
Most chemical programs do not promote a place for a balance of the biological system. High amounts of salt in the fertilizer make the problem worse. Each time a chemical is applied certain beneficial bugs in the soil are killed off and this results in an unhealthy environment. When the correct biological balance is not there the bad bacteria will proliferate and can cause root damage, dead grass and prompt the need for a chemical to kill the bad bacteria. Then you kill more good bugs!

How does The Verity Lawn Program work?

Verity uses the right mix of plant food and beneficial additives to promote the growth of  friendly bacteria. This helps to balance the biology of the soil.  A highly available source of calcium is also used to help open up the soil structure so that beneficial aerobic biology can multiply rapidly.  As aerobic biology multiplies it ingests the necessary nutrients for the plant and also provides passage ways for air and water in the soil as well as an avenue for roots to penetrate deeper into the ground.  The faster this process takes place without the destruction of biology the faster the correct bugs makes the foods available for the plant to improve it’s health and growth.

The biology must be fed through the proper balance of the right kind of plant food so that the plant can feed the bugs and the bugs can feed the plant. This is the way nature intended it.